About Me

Hi, welcome to my travel blog.​

I'm Janice, a lifelong travelling Kiwi who is always looking for another adventure.  My travel inspiration is  my Grandmother.   Here, we're pictured on an 1976 Air New Zealand flight to Fiji (I'm the kid).  

On board 1976 Air New Zealand DC10 flight to Fiji

Now, my husband Derek is my travel buddy and I blog our travels.  We are in the senior travel group, however, here we are cliff top, Western Australia.  Derek likes to go closer to the edge than me, so , you will find a variety of destinations and activities.  Some that require more venture than others.  I am interested in ecology and our travels go beyond the the standard tourist attractions.  I report on the interactions within the natural world and human impact on the natural world.

My blog is my guilty pleasure.  For my day job, Derek and I run a holiday accommodation business and I love chatting to our guests to get even more travel ideas.

Due to my blogging success, I now offer my services as a free lance writer.  I create authentic content about outdoor travel in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific.  I have a Bachelors Degree in Science and offer stats, examples, quotes and graphics as required.   Please send your brief to salthavennz@gmail.com